Oleksandr Oliinyk

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Oleksandr Oliinyk, born in Ukraine in 1988. Grew up together with his sister and was raised with a simple and humble Outlook on life. In his childhood Oleksandr was always absorbed in a creative atmosphere, watching like his father he paints or draws the walls of the rooms. At the age of 8, Oleksandr began to dance, which further enabled him to carry out the journey and get acquainted with creativity of different countries and peoples.

Over 15 years of dance career, Oleksandr travels a lot: the Netherlands, Finland, France, Switzerland, India, Korea, USA, Russia. Every new trip, formed the idea of what boundaries do not exist, they are only in our imagination, and everything else is in unity. When Oleksandr was 20 years, a growing interest in drawing. In the beginning there were sketches and drawings, made with a pen. Continuing to dance and travel around the world, Oleksandr to get acquainted with different artists visited the gallery, more interested in modern art. Over time, he begins to create the first painting, using acrylic, spray paint and ink. In 2013, an aspiring artist goes to Korea for half a year
During this time he wrote a series of paintings and returns them to Ukraine.

In the same year takes part in the exhibition of young artists in Ukraine. In 2014, Oleksandr together with other artists, organized art events was called “Experimental space”. It was a good opportunity gather in one place artists, musicians, photographers and dancers. After the successful conduct of this event, one of the Ukrainian galleries, have interest in the work of Olexander. Starts to cooperate with him and support his artistic development.
In 2015, Ukraine is undergoing profound political and economic changes, which force the artist to leave the boundaries of their homeland. He goes to China, a country where a brand new culture,the principles of life and completely different life rhythm. Life in China, gradually forming from the artist new perspectives and change his previous vision of yourself in the society. In his paintings, Oleksandr begins to use oil paint, to work with some tools of traditional painting. Being in constant search for new solutions, he tries to give form to feelings without uniforms, using different techniques. Not changing ourselves to standards of perception, and complementing and revealing the other side of creativity, looking for a way to connect the abstract expressionism art with the audience of China.

For half a year stay in China, Oleksandr is completing the first series of paintings. Present their work on creative evening in downtown Guangzhou. As for the Chinese and for the European audience, stands with his outstanding performance. In 2016, held a solo exhibition at the gallery “CK gallery” in the city Avenue where it presents 50 works of different nature. Frequent financial instability, greater distance from family and close friends,have no expirience in chines language, any way Oleksandr stiil continued develop here style and representing the country where he from.

Showing 1–20 of 37 results